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I was interested in buying a Cricut Expressions Air 2 because my older machine a Cricut Expressions, is starting to have problems & these older machines are no longer available! Nor can they be convenient!

Then I did some research and I have no idea why on earth any one would subscribe to this Design Space! You are charged a monthly fee and offered a few pathetic perks but anything you "buy" from them, design wise or on-line cartridges, Does Not Even Belong To You! You don't own it even though you have paid for every bit of it! Unless you keep paying every month or yearly!

Your are virtually Black Mailed into paying just so you can keep what you pay for! This has got to be some sort of scam and I'm going to do a whole lot more invistagating into this and contacting the proper authorities on this scam they are running! If you buy something it's supposed to be legally yours forever and you should be able to down load these designs on a memory card or stick and use the machine on your own with out "having" to go on line and use it through Cricut and that's the only way you can use anything or your extreamly limited to the number of designs that you can use off line. If you buy it, it should be yours to use however you want to use it, not on Provo Crafts terms!

Then if you miss a payment or dont feel you need to belong to the Design Space any loose everything and everything you "bought and paid for" if this is how they are running their business with bullying and black mail then they should call it "their rental property"! In reality they are robbing you all blind under the guise of being able to make and have so many designs and have so much fun and creativity with your Die Cutting machine! Your at the mercy of Provo Craft! You pay a lot of money for their machines the you have to pay to use the machine with.

Monthly subscriptions to "their" designs that you must pay for and are not able to own!

This is totally and completely ridiculous and more than likely illegal! I'm going to find out for sure!

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