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I cannot believe the number of times the design space has shut down and had to be restarted only to shut down again. Cricut when you have a competitor like silhouette out there you should know better than to launch something like this to your customers and then have the audacity to call it "The New Design Space" The best thing I have going for me right now is the fact that I own a silhoutte machine so this HORRIBLE experience using your product can finally come to an end.

The bad thing for me is that I own two (TWO) of your machines. BIG MISTAKE on my part. But no problem because I always learn from my mistakes. I'm writing this now because I have time....

you want to know why????

because I'm sitting here waiting for design space to recover. What a joke!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cricut Explore Air Die Cutting Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Fix Design Space!!!!!!.

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I've had several problems myself I never had on older machines and carriages I to get no reply other than auto reply sometimes


Fake reviews. Y’all are all sorry.


I am not sure why I bought the maker except for the promise of the new tools that no one else had. Now - they can't seem to perfect a knife blade that was supposed to be released last October so no date yet when people bought it for this purpose.

Additionally I do NOT agree with the fact that you can't USE it unless you are online using the online software UNLESS you are interested in an Ipad which I am not! Any machine you buy should come with what it needs to run without using the internet. I have fast unlimited internet but plenty of people don't so they have totally excluded all of them anyway.

I have hardly used the machine and keep reading about days that the software doesn't work or does all sorts of things that ruin those expensive materials. I also find the prices for simple little graphics to be way overpriced.


Cricut is a ripoff, you have to buy the machines that are not inexpensive at all, you have to buy all materials which are also not cheap at all and if you want to print and cut ONE single name of 6 letters you have to pay $4.99 just to cut the name, that is just unacceptable. Cricut are the worst!

this was my first project and will be my last!!!

and will spread the word as much as I can to everyone. this is ***

to Diana #1527427

Im very frustrated too... I bought this machine and the membership required and every time I sign on It only shows me the FREE stuff you get without membership...

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